Marijuana Mermaids of Malibu – Dispensary Cleans Beaches in California

California Marijuana Dispensary 99 High Tide
99 High Tide Collective

This upscale cannabis dispensary in Malibu, California is creating waves with their ground-breaking initiatives and pioneering spirit.

Best Cannabis Dispensary in California - 99 High Tide Collective
99 High Tide Collective

Quality Cannabis

99 High Tide Collective in Malibu is one of the hottest cannabis dispensaries in California. With an unwavering dedication to quality and service, the founders of 99 High Tide Collective have been going above and beyond by hosting their own beach cleanups.

California Cannabis Dispensaries - 99 High Tide Collective
99 High Tide Collective

Dedication to Patients

The owner, Yvonne DeLaRosa Green, has always made the patient the number one priority and has been at the forefront of industry leaders in the area. In fact, she was the first woman in L.A. County to get a license to sell marijuana, and the first dispensary to be awarded a cannabis business license in L.A.

More Info

Here’s a link to the 99 High Tide Collective website, and an awesome article about them on Dope Magazine.


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